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Saturday Brunch at Al Falamank

Every Saturday from 10:00 am till 2:00 pm, sharfouna w alef sahtein!

Fatteh, Foul, Eggs, Mini Sajs (Cheese, Zaatar, Keshek & Lahme b3ajin)
Hommos, Balila, Carrot Tahina & Beetroot Tahina
Labneh, Labneh mix, Goat Labeh with green thyme, Shanklish, Khalil's Cheese.
Zaatar, Olives & a fresh bowl of veggies.

And for dessert... Jams, Biscuit & raha, Debs el Kharoub in Tahina.

Also, enjoy our selection of Coffee, Tea & Fresh Juices!

33,000L.L. per person
For Reservations 01 323 456

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