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Title Telephone URL Location
Canadian Embassy 961-4-713900961-4-713900961-4-710576961-4-710591 Jal Al-Dib
Royal Norwegian Embassy in Beirut 961-1-960000 DownTown
Embassy of Romania in Beirut, Lebanon 961-5-924848 Baabda
Embassy of the Czech Republic in Beirut 961-5-929010/11/12/13 Baabda
Embassy of the Russian Federation in Beirut 961-1-300041/42 El-Tina
Royal Danish Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon 961-1-991001/2/3 Down Town
Embassy of Poland in Beirut 961-5-924881961-5-468152 Baabda
Austria Representations in Lebanon 961-1-217360961-1-217412961-1-217491 Achrafieh
Kuwait Information Office in Lebanon 961-1-756100/1/2 Hamra
Embassy Freight - Cargo Project - Lebanon 961-1-390025/24 Badaro
Embassy of Malaysia in Beirut, Lebanon 961-1-787144961-1-787166 Ras Beirut
Italian Embassy 961-1-985200 Centre Ville
Embassy of Indonesia in Beirut, Lebanon 961-5-924682 Baabda
Consulate of the Republic of Latvia in Beirut 961-1-616261 Ashrafieh
Embassy of Turkey in Beirut, Lebanon 961-4-520929961-4-520939 Rabieh
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